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EasyPal live pics when ON-AIR, does auto-refresh when new picture uploads

Weather at VK4AES

KC1CS All the latest

W3WVG Fabulous addons and more

World Wide Live Digital SSTV Cams

Sunspot Cycle 24

DICG News(EasyPal Information) by Yoshi JA1HHL

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EasyPal Install 07/OCT/2014 - BUG FIX + enhancements. USERS MUST UPDATE !! Previous version Hybrid internet features will be disabled in a few days.

Need updated language translations for Chinese, Danish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

1. To make. Start EasyPal, select desired language and press "F12"

2. "Languageuser" file appears in "\program files\EasyPal" folder.

3. Load into text editor. (notepad OK), untranslated items are marked with "******************"

Make translations and save file. Email this file to me. Thankyou.

My following programs are fully operational but not supported due to the source code being destroyed by a lightning strike

BigSstvPal - Analog SSTV many features

PSKPal - psk31 many features including PSK Mailbox

SSTVPal Graphics - easy picture manipulation